Stepney City Farm is the winner of our Charity Award 2016

CREATE DESIGN+ARCHITECTURE are proud to announce that throughout 2017 we will be working in partnership with the Stepney City Farm charity. In 2010, Crossrail compulsory acquired one quarter of the Farm site, which will be given back to the Farm in 2018. Together, we will explore the best way to re-use this land, working alongside all of the relevant stakeholders and community groups. More information on the project will be released in the New Year.

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Draft Outlined Masterplan

422 Stepney City Farm-compressed.jpg

CREATE DESIGN+ARCHITECTURE and Stepney City Farm have now produced a draft outlined masterplan which will be discussed with Crossrail and Tower Hamlets Council. This masterplan will help to secure investment for future projects.

Crossrail Site Visit

Crossrail site visit.jpeg

CREATE DESIGN+ARCHITECTURE attended the Crossrail Stepney Green Access Shaft Site with delegates from the farm and Crossrail. The team have been inspecting the land due to be returned to the farm in 2018.