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A new entity within the Create brand, we design and deliver:

+ Environments that inspire every student to excel
+ Architecture that supports a lifelong love of learning
+ Buildings that facilitates a multiplicity of educational pathways

We are passionate about our work, believing that our designs have significant social purpose; influence that reaches beyond individual buildings and campuses to positively impact neighbourhoods and communities, while celebrating education’s fundamental importance.

In close partnership with our clients, we design unique facilities reflective of our clients’ bespoke goals and aspirations; contemporary learning environments that evoke community heritage and traditions while adapting to constantly evolving educational demands.

Transformational design underpinning transformational education, architecture that promotes curiosity, imagination and wonder in every indoor and outdoor space – today and tomorrow.

Our education design services include:

+ Brief Development
+ Masterplanning
+ Feasibility Assessments
+ Planning Approvals
+ Technical Designs
+ Contract Administration
+ Post Completion Evaluation

Our projects are informed and enriched by our Research and Innovation in a range of areas:

+ Student and Community Engagement
+ Learning Environments
+ Open Plan Learning
+ Passive Environmental Strategies
+ Sustainable Learning Environments
+ Renewable Energy
+ Standardised Design Strategies