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Mentorship arm of program

A hugely successful aspect of this program is the mentorship component. This is where university students make themselves available to support the Elementary and High School students in working through their creative pieces.

We recruit undergraduate and graduate students from UBC Faculties such as Science, Arts and Business to connect with school students in visiting the schools and in online forums. This is a hugely rewarding experience for both the school students and UBC students. Mentors will likely need to visit their assigned school once every 2-3 weeks, with each visit lasting about an hour. In addition, mentors may be asked to monitor Piazza discussion boards where their students may post questions regarding their Creative Science Project.

Here’s what school students have said about mentoring they received:

“I liked how I was able to contact my mentor online in a matter of minutes whenever I needed help.They gave great advice.”

“I would advise [another student doing this project] to actually ask any questions to the mentors because they have some fantastic ideas.”

“..The mentors were a tremendous help in the project.”

“[Thanks to] the mentors of UBC for the amazing support and suggestions”.

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