Here we have tried to answer some questions that you might still be asking –  if you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us!


Q. What happens after I sign up?

A. You will automatically receive an email from us, with further instructions. The email will instruct you to register yourself at the CurioCity online forum (where mentor-student discussions will take place).  We will contact you in the following days, and prompt you to add a short biography of yourself to that forum.


Q. What should my biography (bio) look like?

A. The purpose of the bio is to introduce yourself to High School students and other mentors, and to demonstrate a passion for science and/or art, to inspire the students to reach out to you for guidance. It should look roughly like this, but can be expanded on as you like: My name is X, I am a X year X student at UBC/other institute, with a particular interest in X and X (fields of study).  I am also interested in (name some artistic, creative or scientific interests you have, in or out of school), and in my spare time like to do X (a couple of hobbies). I wanted to become a Creative Science mentor because (insert reason for signing up).

When you are granted access to the CurioCity discussion forum (after registration), you can browse previous mentors bios for ideas!


Q. When will I be assigned to a mentoring group?

A. We will email you to let you know when we have composed the mentoring groups (made of mentors and High School students).


Q. When will the in-person meetings take place? What if they interfere with my classes?

A. The first event will serve to introduce High School students to the Creative Science program. It will take place as part of a UBC field trip (location TBA). Mentors will be encouraged to attend if possible, at some point during that day (times will be confirmed at a later point) but it won’t be mandatory.

The second event will take place at the end of the project, when students have finished their Creative Science art pieces. You will get the chance to view all their creations at this event, and all mentors will be expected to attend unless they have a clashing commitment. It will take place in Spring term, and will be arranged at a time that should not clash with classes.


Q. How do I answer questions on art or science that students may ask?

A. See Mentor Expectations



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