Role of a Mentor

Role of a Mentor

As a mentor, your role is to work with the classroom teacher and the students assisting them in their creative science projects. This may involve helping them find the answers to questions they have that arise during their projects, by giving them the benefit of your subject expertise, or by directing them to useful resources.

Mentors are given the opportunity to share their knowledge, inspire students to engage in their learning, and help students who are struggling with various areas of their projects. They also have the opportunity to develop their abilities to understand students’ challenges and teach students how to address those challenges.

Each instance of the Creative Science program runs for one school term, beginning in the Fall or Spring. The time commitment to be a mentor is two hours per week on average (including travel time) for about 6 weeks.

An introduction to the Creative Science program will be held in late January where you will hear more about our current schools and their   science interests and have your questions answered. In the meantime if you would like more information please email:

Still curious? Hear what our previous mentors have to say about their experience in this program.


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