Cardiovascular Biology

The first year of the Creative Science project (2011) focused on the cardiovascular component of the grade 12 B.C. Biology curriculum. Students were initiated into the project with a multi-media presentation tying cardiovascular concepts to artistic representations. Over the next few weeks they were challenged to create an (artistic) product illustrating one or more of the cardiovascular concepts about which they were learning. They were encouraged to think broadly in terms of art, photography, computer imaging, video, fashion or textile, dance or drama, music, or robotics. The student creations displayed here are renditions of:

(i) games, as in “Cardiopoly” and “Dorothy’s Treasure Map”;

(ii) food art, as in the “The Heart (Attack)” iced cake and the cross section of the heart made out of candies;

(iii) a range of artistic renditions, as in the clay “Box of H’Art”, the pen and ink “Food He(art)” and the fabric art heart;

(iv) construction art, as in the “Electric Bike” and “Playland”; and,

(v) youtube videos as in the following three examples:

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