Field Trips

Several teachers have kicked off their project with a visit to a UBC-run tour or workshop, which we can help arrange! We can also arrange for our mentors to visit students at their school for a meet & greet event.

Museum of Pathology Field Trip

Classes studying the Art and Body Systems have visited the UBC William Boyd Museum of Pathology at Vancouver General Hospital. Here, students will get a lively tour from the manager of the museum, and learn all about different mechanisms of human disease while viewing real life specimens. If you choose to take part in Creative Science, please contact us for more information and to arrange a date for a tour.

Beaty Biodiversity Museum Field Trip

The Beaty Biodiversity Museum, located at UBC, is home to thousands of unique specimens, including the museum’s iconic blue whale skeleton which hangs suspended from the roof of the museum’s atrium. The museum has a variety of fun and educational activities for students.

Laboratory Field Trip 

Classes studying DNA replication and protein synthesis have visited the Advanced Molecular Biology Laboratory on UBC’s West Point Grey campus. During this 5.5 hour workshop, students in grade 11 or 12 isolate their own DNA, run a gel and learn about PCR. To book your class for a workshop please contact the AMBL directly via their website.

Mentor/Student Meet & Greet

We can arrange for our university student mentors to come and meet your students at either field trip, to encourage a rapport before online mentoring begins.

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